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A darling of both organic advocates and the local-food movement, community gardening is a trend that’s bound to grow. “[Shared gardens] fulfill a lot of wants for people—a desire for fresh food that’s affordable, for activities that help create a…

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A significant part of the solution lies with some fairly low-tech infrastructure: our houses, and the relationship they have to each other and where we want to go. A growing body of data has mapped the carbon footprint in sprawling…

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78% of consumers agreed that, if their builders had recommended solar water heating for their new homes, they would have seriously considered it…(NAHBRC 2007 National Consumer study)

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The Recession has forced us to eat at home, even cooking from scratch. Nothing reveals this more than trends in average household spending on flour–arguably the most basic of ingredients.

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Consumer News

Consumer debt fell approximately $60 billion to $11.66 trillion in the third quarter of 2011 according to the Federal Reserve Bank Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit.

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It turns out that a green, energy efficient home built with sustainable materials is “most wanted,” according to a Yahoo! survey of 1,500 current and aspiring homeowners. Homeowners prefer a green home (50%) over a custom home (38%), water view…

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